Drink In Style

With two bars to sip at, including the intimate Cellar Bar, MBER is the perfect place to indulge in creative cocktails and experience a unique range of selected wines and rare spirits. The Wine Menu has been carefully curated by our team of in-house experts and trusted suppliers.

Bar opening times

(Main restaurant bar is open from Midday)

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Friday: Midday – Midnight
Saturday – Sunday: Closed


Our signature cocktails have been designed to take you on a journey from light to dark


Harakiri (Refreshing & Sour) 9.9

Willem Barentsz / Yellow Chartreuse / Maraschino / Lime / Muddled Kumquats

Kaa’s Hunting (Fruity & crisp) 9.9

Vodka Belvedere / Apple / Lime / Xante / Red Grapes / Salak fruit

Chang E’s Elixir (Aromatic & Fruity) 9.9

Sipsmith's Gin / Jasmine Silver Needle Tea Syrup / Lemon / Half Kiwi Muddled

Cherry Blossom (Sweet & Sour) 9.9

Nikka Blended Japanese Whisky / Yuzu Sake Liqueur / Sour Cherry / Bee Pollen / Lemon Juice

Dark Treat (Fruit & Sweet) 9.9

Marshmallow-infused Belvedere / Cointreau Q1 black tea liqueur / lemon juice / orange bitters

Tea Ceremony (Earthy & Dry) 9.9

Jasmine Tea-infused Sake / Cremorne Sloe Gin / Lotus Root Syrup / Lemon Juice / Plum Bitters

Nashi No Hana (Tart & Fruity) 9.9

Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum / Asian Pear / Pomegranate & Thyme Syrup / Soda


Gwailou (Savoury & Smooth) 9.9

Havana 3 Rum / Ceylon Arrack /Cerole Shrubb Rhum Agricole / Thai Basil Syrup / Coconut Milk / Lime / Honey Syrup

Coco Jack (Creamy & Rich) 9.9

Coconut and jackfruit puree / Plantation Original Dark Rum / Banana Liqueur / Lime

Pairotto (Sweet & Tart) 9.9

Vodka / Lychee liqueur / Violette liqueur / Yuzu liqueur / Maraschino

Rosemary Wukong (Rich & Fragrant) 9.9

Monkey Shoulder whisky / umeshu / King's ginger liqueur / lemon juice / rosemary beer reduction

BK Highball (Fruity & Refreshing) 9.9

Tanqueray Gin / Escubac French Spiced Liqueur / Lime Juice / Beetroot & Kaffir Syrup / Fever Tree Tonic

Matcha 3 (Herbal & Fruity) 9.9

Sweet Basil-infused Vodka / Plum Sake & Lime Juice with Dry Curaçao / Lemongrass Pearls / Matcha Green Tea Foam / Micro-herb

Kitsune (Bitter & Rich) 9.9

Electric Daisy palate cleanser followed by Plantation Original Dark Rum / Banana-infused Campari / Pineapple-infused Cocchi Torino Sweet Vermouth


Mint Lady (Rich & Fragrant) 9.9

Casmingos Reposado Tequila / Peppermint Syrup / Lemon / Cointreau / Egg White / Mint Leaves

Yuzu, ma Cherie! (Velvety & Fruity) 9.9

29 Grapes Port / Cherry Heering / Sugar / Lemon / Orange Juice / Yuzu Foam / Yuzu liqueur / Egg White / Chambord Pearls

Gold Road (Aromatic & Sweet) 9.9

Bulliet Rye whiskey / orange curancao / Prucia plum liqueur / maple syrup / plum bitters

1666 (Smokey & Rich) 9.9

Gentleman Jack bourbon / Creme de Mure / Fernet Branca / Maraschino syrup

Japanese Hard Shake (Sweet & Dark) 9.9

Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch / Araku Rum Coffee Liqueur / Espresso / Vanilla & Anise Rice Milk

Eighty Days (Smokey & Savoury) 9.9

Quiquiriqui Mezcal / Amara Averna dessert wine / Cherry Heering liqueur

Mountain Mist (Spiced & Smooth) 9.9

Clove-infused Hennessy Cognac / Amaro Montenegro / Benedictine with Chilli / Ginger & Orange Bitters / Pine-scented Fog


French ’75 (Fresh & Fizzy) 9.9

Hennessy VS / Lemon Juice / Sugar / Champagne

Daiquiri (Sharp & Refreshing) 9.9

Havana 3 Rum / Lime Juice / Sugar

Manhattan (Strong & Smooth) 9.9

Bourbon or Rye Whiskey / Cocchi Torino Vermouth / Angostura bitters / Orange Bitters

Gimlet (Dry & Sour) 9.9

Tanqueray Gin / Lime Cordial / Lime Juice

Negroni (Dry & Bitter) 9.9

Tanqueray Gin / Campari / Cocchi Torino Vermouth

Martini (Dry & Strong) 9.9

Jinzu Gin or Belvedere Vodka / Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth / Dash of Orange Bitters

Old-Fashioned (Velvety & Sweet) 9.9

Buffalo Trace Bourbon / Sugar / Angostura & Orange Bitters / Orange Twist


Nashi Collins (Sharp & Fruity) 7.5

Asian Pear / Pomegranate & Thyme Syrup / Soda Water

Thai Ball (Citrus & Spicy) 7.5

Chilli & Lemongrass / Apple Juice / Lemon Juice / Soda

Sakura Colada (Sweet & Fruity) 7.5

Pineapple Juice / Lime Juice / Coconut Cream / Sour Cherry / Bee Pollen

Spiced Lychee Bellini (Dry & Aromatic) 7.5

Spiced Lychee Purée / Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine

BK Tini (Sweet & Earthy) 7.5

Beetroot & Kaffir Lime Leaf / Pineapple Juice / Lime Juice

Wine, Sake & Spirits

Wine & Sake

Over 120 wines and Sakes from around the world

At MBER, we are relentless at looking for the best wines, reflecting small production and independent producers, whilst ensuring to deliver outstanding quality from top to bottom for our discerning customers.

For our loyal customers who are looking for wines which are even more unique and extremely rare, our Discovery Wines offer a regularly changing selection for you to try something new, each time you dine.


Extensive spirits from around the world

Our bar team know a thing or two about spirits, and have put together a fantastic range behind the bars to ensure there is something for everyone. As well as some of the classic favourites, we also stock many other niche brands to cater for those seeking something new and slightly different. Browse through our selection of Gin, Vodka, Rum, Whisky, Tequila & Liqueurs to find your favourite tipple to enjoy.

MBER Private Cabinets: With access to some of the finest wines, sakes and spirits around,  we invite our customers to purchase a bottle of their chosen rare spirit or selected vintage and gain access to their very own named Private Cabinet, located in The Cellar Bar. The perfect opportunity to start your own unique collection to enjoy every time time you visit with colleagues, friends and family.

Selected spirits, wines and sakes only. Minimum spend applies, please speak to a member of the team.

Bar Food

Ideal for sharing


Pork Crackling 4.25

with sweet rice vinegar and chilli (available all night)

Sweet potato & taro chips 4.5

with miso, parmesan and rosemary salt

Prawn cookies 8.25

with plum and cucumber dipping sauce

Edamame hummus 7.25

with pickled lotus root & beets, guindilla chilli and roti

Salmon & nori crackling 4.5

with sweet chilli jam (available all night)

Vegetable spring roll shots 6.75

with chilli-miso, apple-ginger and hoisin-plum dipping sauces

Crispy Squid 6.75

with sesame salt, sweet yuzu & paprika mayonnaise

Canapés (perfect for two people sharing)

Vegetarian Canapés 10

Inari tofu tempura pocket with urid dhal curry (G, D, V) Vegetable spring roll with dipping sauces (V) Aduki beans with buckwheat and shiitake kibbeh (V) Pickled lotus root salad with sweet rice vinegar (G, D, V)

Meat Canapés 14.5

Corn-fed chicken and lemongrass satay (G, D, N) 'Weeping tiger' fillet beef (G, D) Zebra loin tataki Confit duck leg and orange blossom labneh (N)

Fish Canapés 12.5

Prawn cookies with plum & cucumber dipping sauce Sesame squid with yuzu-smoked sweet paprika mayonnaise (G) Hot smoked salmon teriyaki (G, D) Thai prawn ceviche, coconut, chilli and lime (G, D)
G Gluten free
D Dairy free
N Contains nuts
V Vegetarian