World Veggie Month: from Chef Jonathan Villar’s famous Inari Tofu Tempura Pocket to 12-dish Vegetarian Tasting Experience and even a slice of meat-free pie, vegetarianism goes mainstream at MBER in March

The Vegetarian palate is expanding and we at MBER are pushing the boundaries well beyond fruit and veg! MBER is proud to launch its exclusive range of vegetarian dishes: #MarchinMBER will take place during lunch and dinner throughout the entire month of March. It’s set to showcase over 15 Pan-Asian veggie and vegan dishes from Chef Jonathan Villar, carefully created and perfected over the course of his illustrious career.

9-dish Vegetarian Tasting Experience

In addition, MBER will offer a separate vegetarian option featuring 6 course; 9 course; or 12 course sharer experiences of Pan-Asian veggie dishes. This will come alongside scrumptious vegan wines. Bottoms up, indeed! Why not pop down and try one of the Chef’s Special personal favourite Honey Roasted Kobacha Pumpkin & Buratta (crispy tofu, mulled quince, recap manis and siratcha jelly, Thai sweet basil pesto, black sesame brittle).

The essence of every veggie dish Jonathan puts together is simplicity, which is born out of his upbringing in the Philippines. Filipino food culture revolves around feasting and sharing and can be summed up in one word (repeated twice) Salo-Salo…


“All you need is a few carefully sourced seasonal ingredients along with one or two well-thought out spices to orchestrate a dish and delight your senses.”  Head Chef Jonathan

Honey Roasted Kobacha pumpkin & buratta

This Pan-Asian concept is best illustrated in his latest upcoming cookery video series.