As hospitality nears opening, we have, and will continue to, make the required changes to meet all guidelines set by the government within our business to mitigating all actions possible for diners and our MBER team.  As a duty to reduce workplace risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures so that everybody’s health and safety is protected. In the context of COVID-19 this means working through these steps in order:


We are committed to using best practice to look after your health in a clinically proven way.


MBER uses 75% Alcohol hand sanitising gel though the business. This is a very high-grade sanitiser and it will be dispensed in MBER branded bottles. Powder-free Nitrile Gloves will be worn by our teams.



Your MBER visit:

  • MBER will undergo a vigorous decontamination and sterilisation process before reopening, and once fully opened these processes will be carried out at regular intervals.


  • Hand sanitising areas will be clearly labelled throughout the business and made available at reception, Cellar Bar entrance, Main Restaurant and washroom lobby. In addition, Hand sanitisers will be places across all sections of the business exclusively for our team.


  • MBER will be reduced in capacity, spacing will be in place, ensuring your dining experience is safe and as comfortable as possible. However, you will be free to choose how closely you would like to sit next to your guests. Bar seating has been removed as vertical drinking is currently not permitted until further notice.


  • For larger groups of five or more, you will, for your safety and others only be permitted to dine in our private dining rooms, until further notice. Rooms are subject to availability.


  • All doors will be open where possible to avoid ‘touch pad’ contamination. However, there will be a sanitising station outside/inside each washroom.


  • As MBER has one entry and exit point, we advise diners discretion whilst entering and leaving the business.


MBER team:

  • All our team will be required to wash and sanitised their hands immediately once arrived at work.
  • Sanitiser hand pumps will be available for all front and back of house staff.
  • All back of house teams will be required to wear government standard/approved face masks whilst working.
  • All team members will wash and sanitise their hands no less than every fifteen minutes.
  • Our staff will refrain from physical contact with each other where possible and where not deemed necessary for their employment.
  • All staff who use a computer, keyboard, mouse or phone in any form of office environment for the purpose of work will be required to sanitise each of the listed items before and after use each day.
  • Teams must travel to and from work in personal clothes and shoes, changing on site into them.
  • All common areas will be wiped down with sanitiser spray every half hour. This includes door handles, push pads, reception desks, handsets, washroom counter tops, faucets and till systems. PDQ machines and stations will be sanitised after every use.
  • Checklists will be in place for each department and used for every wipe down.
  • When gloves are worn by back of house staff, they will be disposed of and refreshed at no longer than thirty-minute intervals.




  • Our Reservations Team are here to help you with bookings in our restaurant and private dining rooms. We have taken comprehensive measures front and back of house to ensure that both you and our teams can enjoy working and dining at MBER with absolute confidence that all safety measures and good practices have been implemented.



  • To avoid queuing at reception all coats and bags will be taken from and returned to you at your table, upon request.
  • Coat tags will no longer be distributed, your items will be stored by your table number – our team will use all preventative measures to make sure that your items are stored carefully and handled with PPE equipment.

Seating, Set Up, Resetting and Standards:

  • Our entrance/ Reception area will be fitted with two metre signage markings and safe queuing measures for those wishing to collect food for take away.
  • Menus will be replaced with disposable paper place setting menus with a drinks and wine menu on the reserve side of your place setting. However, we are working towards having our menu printed on a laminated surface as to sanitise after each diner has ordered.
  • You will be offered the following service options when dining with us: mindful dining
  • Menus will be available online on mber.london Pre ordering can also be available on request for you if choosing our non-contact dining experience – please call Reservations ahead of your booking.
  • Water and wine glasses will be set on your table upside down.
  • Paper wrapped straws have always been in use.
  • Cutlery/ Chopsticks will be available and sanitised for each setting.
  • All wine bottles will be sanitised before serving to your table.
  • All tables and seating will be sanitised after your visit.
  • Wine buckets and stands will be sanitised after each use.
  • Only two plates will be carried by our staff at any one-time, Gloves and sanitising hands will be used to carry plates to tables.


Paying the Bill:

All our PDQ machines will be sanitised for each use. If you require gloves or hand sanitiser, our staff will have then to hand. Please note that gloves will need to be disposed of immediately after use.

**Please note that due to the constant changing environment surrounding Covid-19 and the ongoing government updates and amendments, these newly laid-out measures are subject to change frequently and at any given time depending on government guidelines, advice and updates**