The Mid-Autumn Festival throughout September

After the Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most important date on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. This year it falls on the 24 September and coincides with the full moon. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for friends and family to get together and celebrate.

The ancient Chinese recognised that the movement of the moon was related to changes in the seasons. An important aspect of the Mid-Autumn Festival is Moon Worship – it is said that the moon is the brightest and fullest on this day. Traditions involving reunions among friends and family to watch the moon and the burning of incense in reverence to deities are still prevalent in Asian culture today.

There are many different legends and folk stories that coincide with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Like any Asian celebrations, it wouldn’t be complete without a myth or legend behind its origins. Legend has it that once there were 10 suns in the sky. Their oppressive heat scorched the earth until an expert archer, Hou Yi shot down 9 of the suns with his bow and arrow. After heroically saving the earth, Hou Yi was gifted an elixir by the queen of heaven, Wangmu. But he didn’t want to live forever, he just wanted to live with his wife, Chang E. Chang E mistakenly had the elixir and then flew to the moon, where she remains for eternity. Hou Yi was so distraught and started to worship the moon with his followers and made offerings to the goddess, Chang E.

Our sharing menu is perfect for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with friends and family, as well as being an exploration of unusual and innovative Pan-Asian cuisine. The menu includes mouthwatering dishes including soy-glazed hot smoked salmon salad, confit duck salad, freshly made crispy sesame squid, signature chicken satay, miso aubergine, tender weeping tiger fillet, Thai Massaman curry and jasmine rice.